How to Download YouTube videos without softwares

How to download YouTube videos without softwares, download YouTube videos easily

You can download YouTube videos without any software like IDM or YouTube downloader very easily. YouTube downloader is the most popular video site today. So many users login to the site and watch videos. When they want to download those videos they are helpless in case of not having YouTube downloading software.

YouTube videos download tricks

Now you don’t need any software to download videos from YouTube. It’s just clicks away to download them.Most valuable part is you can choose the video file type,video Quality etc.

When you want to download YouTube videos without softwares that you are watching goes to the URL of the video and type “kick” right before the letter “Y” in  and press enter. Then you will be taking in to another web site.(eg)

Then click on the “Download” button appear in blue bar right in the text box where the video URL is available. Not on the download button appear in a graphical mode along with the “play now” button.

How to change the file format of YouTube videos online free and download

Just like in the previously said go to the URL bar and type “voobys” instead of “YouTube” (replace “YouTube” with “voobys”.)Press enter. Then you will be directed to “” site. There you can select the file type you want to convert YouTube video. There are .FLV extensions with 480p, 360p and can select the type you want and click on “download video” button.

Download YouTube videos without softwares fast and free

All you need is to type “ss” before the “YouTube” and press enter. Then you will go to site. You can download the file either in the same format or you can convert them into FLV240p, FLV 360p, MP4 360p, WebM 360p, 3GP114p and 3GP 240p formats. After you click on the file format it will automatically download in the format you selected.

You can type before http://www.  And press enter. The same site will come and you can download YouTube videos without softwares free and fast.

Download YouTube videos without softwares-converted to mp3s

If you don’t like to download videos you can download mp3 of the same file converted and download without any software. Type “PWN” right before “YouTube” and press enter. Actually “PWNyoutube” is a service that gives you the services related to videos. To change the format, convert into mp3s and so on are available there inside PWNyoutube. After that you will go to the site and choose one of the online downloading services. Then you can change the file format if you like and the quality. You may need to have java enabled plugins for that.

I have seen most of the net users watching YouTube installing IDM, and I asked them why. Most of them told me they need it to download YouTube videos. I told them how to download YouTube videos without softwares easily and now they are enjoying that. Try downloading YouTube videos without softwares and having your comments.

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