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Google Drive,Online Backup systems & file Backups from Google

Hey guys to day I’m going to tell you about Google drive. Google drive is facility that Google supplies you for online backups. I think that you know about conventional backing up methods like storing in another hard drive and having data in some storage media. Some of you may have tried for online backup services that you have to pay. But this Google drive requires no payment. You can upload the data and backup them.

This works on the cloud computing system. Out of the services that Google offers Google drive is a unique feature that acts as hard disk in our PC that’s because you can store up to 5GB data there thong I need to mention specially. That is you don’t need to save a file to a pen drive or any other portable media as through this Google drive the files you uploaded can be available from another computer just by accessing g your Google account. So this isn’t not merely a hard drive but also a portable disk.

How to add files to Google drive

You will see an interface like Google docs. You can create new folders, delete them, rename them and to upload file to the folders. Now let’s see what’s new with Google drive. Unlike in other conventional web browsers we don’t need to upload the files to Internet. When we add files to Google drive folder they will automatically get uploaded to the online Google backup system. Through this we can save our time we spend to upload files to backup systems. If you make any changes to the files in the google drive in your PC the same things will apply for the files those are in online backup folder.

How to download Google drive

Log in to your Google account and there you will see a tab “document”. Click on it. Then you will go to Google drive home page. Why wait just click on “Get started with 5GB free. Then you must click on “install Google drive for PC”. A setup file that is less than 1MB will download and you have to run that. After getting installed a window will be visible like following.

How to work in Google drive

Type your user name and pass word for Gmail and click “sign in” and another window will pop up and click “next”. A window will appear like this 

You can customize the folder destination on PC by clicking “advanced set up”. After that you can click on” Start Sync” and all the files in your Google drive will automatically downloaded to the  Google drive and in the desktop and you have already created  a backup. Google docs will come as links.

Any thing you do the files in the desktop Google drive like delete, rename, add and move the files the same thing will happen to the file in the online Google drive.
Google drive gives you 5GB space to store files and you can share your files with friends. As said before you can download and upload files from anywhere from any device like mobile, tablet and laptops. You can get a safer backup for the files you have added and it’s really really easy to use Google drive.

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