Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Flash your Smartphone with Samsung Odin 3.13.1

Hello everyone! We are back with another post regarding a renowned Android application and that call Samsung Odin 3.13.1. It is really amazing when you are with a Samsung Android handset for you can find out respective ROM files and flash them perfectly. As often, it compatible with tar firmware files it does not matter a stock or a custom ROM/kernel. Though Sammobile will support you to find out respective firmware kits, it is only for stock releases and not for custom ones that should find out through third-party resources. 

About the latest Samsung Odin 3.13.1

At this moment, we can find out Odin 3.13.1 as the hottest version of the utility and that even brought us a couple of outstanding features. Mac OS X support is one of those that previously remained as a Windows only utility. Moreover, S7 and S7 Edge were the device range that make known as perfect with Odin. And the other point is its Android Oreo support. Therefore, ROM packages that available in status of Oreo are applicable using the tool’s version 3.13.1.

Samsung Odin 3.13.1 for Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the latest deal of Samsung Inc for users to enjoy everything in an amazing level. So there is no doubt that it contains standard security surrounding wonderful features. Therefore, it would demand if we get to know that Odin capable to support us in flashing S10 models as well. But there are a couple of points to consider. 

The first thing is if there is a latest version of Odin after 3.13.1 for 3.13.1 cannot support S10 according to recent reports. And the other thing is there should be applicable ROM files with Sammobile webpage for the latest S10 models. But at this instant, the resource is empty and there is no any compatible ROM file at this instant. 

Flash Galaxy S8

Just navigate to Sammobile webpage and check out if there are proper firmware kits comes as tar for you to flash your device. It seems you have a couple of one to be selected. This means you are warmly welcome to flash through Odin. Bring 3.13.1 on your desktop and flash right away. We are waiting for the day to note that we are able to flash S10 models as well and that we yet to reach.  

Final words

Since there are a couple things that should renew with an update, there should be a new edition of the Odin. But at this instant, we could not find out a proper clue that there is an approaching update. However, the latest version that you can use is 3.13.1. As clarified above, the utility capable to launch on Mac OS X as well. Moreover, bring those Oreo based ROM files here to flash through. And if you are a user of S7 model, this is the perfect edition to try out. 

By the way, we hope there will be a rapid update of the utility with those points that still we cannot reach through the current edition. Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Samsung smart switch for any Android Smart phone

To share varies files between devices have a heap of third-party applications in the market. But find out a proper and a good dealer it is not that easy because of varies reasons. However, Samsung smart switch apk is the most convenience method to share a variety of files on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. As it capable to transfer or receive files to Android, iOS, Blackberry, Mac or Windows with the connection of a Galaxy, you can easily connect with to make the transaction interesting to connect even with some other platforms or devices as well. If you need to try out the utility, here is a brief direction. 

Samsung smart switch apk for your device 

The tiny app available in the Google play store or else reliable third-party resources as freeware that you are capable to set up on your device if it is above Android 4.3. While the developer recommended wireless users to be above Android 4.0, it is better to make sure if you are with minimum requirements. It does not matter that you are not a Samsung owner for a while to deal with smart switch. The best thing is the app compatible even with your latest Galaxy S9 and Note 9 as well. 

What’s more?

When you are up to do whatever transaction, you can choose Wi-Fi connection, USB cable network or connect to a computer. It does not matter what stuff that you plan to share through. Your contacts, calendar events, notes, videos, audio tracks, photos, call logs, documents, wallpapers and so on are warmly welcome for the transaction. The developer recommended the latest version for the user to keep updating to make their movements and transactions sharp and clear.  When you are with an iPhone, it does not matter that it cannot settle the app for you can establish it to the connected Android and carry out the task. 

Samsung smart switch apk requirements

  • Here is the list of a couple of requirements of the utility that you should be prepared before the procedure.
  • Both devices that connect each other to share data should have minimum 500 MB of space with the internal memory
  • MTP or Transferring media files option of the device is must when you are there behind a wired connection
  • You have to turn down both Disconnect low Wi-Fi signal and Wi-Fi initialize options from advanced Wi-Fi panel of the device when your device which is not a Samsung constantly disconnects

Final words

It is glad let you know that Samsung smart switch capable to work on your device even it running Android P. Moreover the latest version confirmed that it has been repaired iCloud 2FA trouble too when it enhanced to Android P version. 

By the way, you can simply set up the app to whatever device you wish to have it and enjoy easy sharing between varies devices through Wi-Fi, USB cable connectivity or else with a Mac or a PC. All you have to do is set up the app to the device and click receive or send button.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Samsung smart switch - Transfer any data file easily

Those who are searching for a supportive file transferring application can go through our narration here. We are going to unwrap an amazing utility in the market that even compatible with any Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Blackberry as well. We call it Samsung smart switch apk and that based on varies transactions between a Samsung galaxy and whatever recommended Smartphone or a Tablet. Unlike common implements, it let us share whichever file type in whatever size devoid of any puzzle. However, here is our brief guide about its acceptance and accomplishments. 

How Samsung smart switch apk works?

Share any file or a media content using Samsung smart switch would be exciting. It is not for root-only or non-root devices. And even the application is not a paid one at all. Users can transfer whatever music files, videos, photographs, text messages, notes, contacts, calendar events and so on related ones. The best thing is that the utility does not have any certain file type or a file size limitation either. Therefore, you can pick up any file format in whatever size and transfer it in minutes.

Three separated options 

Wireless file sharing method is the first option that we can let you enter when you are with two mobile phones. And the next is direct transaction using USB cables that should proper enough to link the two handsets. And then when you come to PC or Mac establishment, it is all about the desktop based tool establishment that you have to download and settle. Moreover, you have to make sure that whatever side of the transaction hold a Samsung galaxy device that Smart switch can work. 

What are the requirements?

Android devices that needed to play with the utility must confirm that they are above Android 4.0 for wireless and Android 4.3 or higher when it is about USB cable connection. Wireless or wired users with Blackberry should make sure that they are with Blackberry OS 7 or 10. And when it is about iPhone transactions, wired ones have to be with iOS 5.0 or advanced. If it is an iCloud connection, iOS 4.2.1 or above is required. When it comes to iTunes, there should be Smart switch application on the Mac. 

Simple steps to share data

  • Firstly, let your devices network each other using whatever method that we brought up above
  • And then select our create the list that should transfer to the other device
  • So the transaction will commence and end within few minutes. After that, you can check out if everything that you needed to share are there with the new device

Troubleshooting tips to remember

If the app is not updated, there might be some errors. And also, USB cable improperness as well might force your connection. If there are some security applications, they too might stand as a barrier without let you share your stuff as it should be. Moreover, when you are with Windows or Mac, make sure that you update the tool package and the device that going to connect with is a Samsung.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Flash your Android with Mobile Odin download

The tool we brought you today is another remarkable Android rooting tool with the support of manual system files installation and flash. Unlike some other identical suggestions, this available as a paid app that can settle from the Google play store. The most excellent thing of the utility is that the user do not need to concern about recovery files. Kernel and ROM files in-app behind the system can be easily deal devoid of set the device into recovery mode at all. However, the utility calls Mobile Odin download which supports almost all Samsung Android Smartphone and Tablet.

What is Mobile Odin download?

When hear the name Odin, we remember the desktop based Android application that lets users to flash their beloved handsets. But it is completely different from that since this comes as a direct mobile set up though similar as flashing tools. However, while the formal Odin is a suggestion of the very own developer of Samsung devices this arrived from our beloved developer Chainfire. Moreover, with mobile Odin, you do not need to essentially find out tar based packages there for the application can read both tar and zip extensions. 

By the way, with the newest version, users can reach SuperSU version 1.94 and a couple of further device models as well than previous. Before establish to the device, make certain that the phone or the tab has sufficient memory as it comes in size of 2.8M.

Complete guide to Mobile Odin download

  • Launch Google Play store and purchase the Mobile Odin app right away to the Smartphone
  • Once purchase the application, you can install it to the system
  • And then search for a proper kernel package from the web. It does not matter the file comes as a zip or a tar. There are separated methods that you can go through according to the file type that you selected
  • Now launch the installed app to commence the procedure
  • The Superuser request will then popup on your screen. Tap Grant and continue the process

  • If you are with a tar file, follow these steps
  1. Enter “Open File”
  2. Find out the tar file from the handset
  3. And then tap OK > Flash Firmware options respectively
  4. Now, stay there till you can set up the kernel through the Recovery
  5. And then just reboot the phone

  • If you are with a zip extension, then here are the few steps
  1. First of all, click “OTA/Update Zip” in the utility
  2. And then enter “Flash Firmware”
  3. Now patiently stay there for the Recovery to set up the Kernel
  4. At the end, reboot the Smartphone

After whatever installation, it is important that you should check out if the settled file package is stable.

Important facts

  • Check if you are going to download the latest version of the tool Mobile Odin
  • Moreover, the kernel file that you need to flash should compatible with the device model on your hands. For that you can navigate to Settings > About > Build number. The compatible device list can refer from the Play store as well while you download the utility

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

MTK droid tools for Android rooting

Are you an Android user? And do you know how to sharp the handset and keep it in true smart status? So of you might guess whether we are going to talk about Android rooting? Of course our narration will also cover such a part and even beyond that. We brought you the MTK droid tools which are the tool that can support you behind flashing in a correct manner. Its latest version is now in the air with perfect functionalities for a stable flash approach. Unlike some other common utilities, this can even support you when you need to flash IMEI, create complete backups and so on. 

What’s more?

According to developer’s note, the utility has been developed to a perfect plan that even can identify and support almost all MTK chipset based smart handset replicas in the market. Moreover, any other type of device can set through at any condition. Create scatter files are the most significant part for there is no other stable and a supportive manner that users capable to arrange their scatter files for operations such as stock firmware flash approaches. 

What can we gain through?

In this topic, we are going to let you know what the functionalities that we can move through are. Root the Android system is the first function we want you to consider, throughout, you can bring root-only features to the device and enjoy stay behind rooted. For the application can support single click rooting, you do not need to move through difficult procedures. And then you can create recovery backups. When you need to set the backup to the handset, there is a restore option as well.
Moreover, easily arrange stock backups that you can restore whenever you want. Scatter file creation is the next which you need to compile when you are ready to flash stock ROM on your MediaTek Smartphone. And there is a one more thing that you can use to browse the IMEI number. It is important since IMEI number is required as the identity of your handset. 

How to root or apply the MTK droid tools?

You can simply download the most recent release of the utility and enter the certain function that you need to bring about. For there are separated steps to enter, you better search for a proper step guide first. And then there you have to backup if there is any important file. Compile a USB cable and a properly workable computer too required. And also, charge the handset battery. 

Download the latest version

The most recent version 2.5.3 of MTK droid tools available for free of charge. You can search the web and download the certain package on your desktop. It is not complicated to launch and easily pick up the functionality that you desire to carry on. Even use the hottest edition, your handset might void the warranty when you request the utility to root or recover the IMEI if there will be something erroneous. So be careful and submit it at your own risk.