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How To Root Any Chinese Android Smartphone? - Check This Out

As you know, China is one of the world leading manufacturer who has a diversified product line. They produce various products that belong to various industries. Smartphone is one of the leading product that comes from China. Chinese technology companies always try to produce high-end smartphones for low budget. That is why users tend to use Chinese smartphones instead of branded smartphones. Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, Cubot are some leading Chinese phones which has higher demand. If you are using one of Chinese smartphone and looking forward to rooting it, this guide would be helpful to you.

 Root Any Chinese Android Smartphone

When it comes to Android rooting there are so many rooting tools which promise to grant you root acess. But most of them only compatible with specific device models. So, you cannot use every tool for every smartphone models. If you check out the compatibility of rootings tools, you may see that most of the rooting tools are only compatible with branded and well-recognized smartphones. So, what happened to the other users who are looking forward to rooting their devices? Here you can find the way to root your unbranded Chinese smartphone successfully.

What You Need

A computer or Laptop
An Android smartphone running on 4.0 or above
A compatible USB cable

How To Root Your  Chinese Android Smartphone

1 Step -  Download and Install on your computer.  comes as an app and allow you to convert your Android device in to modem for your Laptop or computer.

2 Step - Download Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry…zip  on your computer
3 Step - Unzip the Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry file and extract it to a folder you want
4 Step - Now, run the Runme.bat file and it will open a command prompt window
5 Step - Press 1 on the command prompt window and wait until your device is rooted
6 Step - Next you will be able to see a message as "Please Enter Your Device Encryption Password Below" on your device screen
7 Step - Ignore the message and tap on "Restore My Data" and wait until the process is done
8 Step - Finally, your device will restart and you can check if your device rooted using root checker app

What Can You Done After Rooting Your Device

Custom Recovery 

The recovery environment is the bootable partition in the Android. You can boot your device into recovery mode using a specific button combination. The recovery environment that comes with your device is called as stock recovery and you can perform tasks such as manual system update, wipe cache partition, wipe data/factory reset and few other tasks using it. But Custom recovery comes with advanced features than in stock recovery. Custom recovery is recognized as a third-party recovery environment which can perform advanced Android repairing functionalities. As key features of custom recovery, you can have to installing custom ROMs, create and restore device backups, ROM flashing features, ROM manager and more.

Custom ROMs Installation  

When you buy an Android smartphone, you promise to your device manufacturer legally to use the official operating system without altering it. You do not say this in your words. But if you read your device warranty once, you will see that you have promised your device manufacture as I said. But if you google around you will be able to see that there are Android ROMs which have been modified to have some advanced features than on stock ROMs. AOKP, CopperheadOS, Paranoid Android and LineageOS are some of popular Custom ROMs. Each custom ROM has different features and most of them are really attractive and useful.  Option to rearrange the on-screen navigation buttons, quick toggles to manage Wi-Fi or Data, Easy screen rotations, customized browsing app, Easy shortcut are some of the attractive features on Custom ROMs. You need to root your device before installing the custom ROMs since device manufacturers do not allow users to install non-official firmware or applications.

Install Custom Kernels 

In Android, the kernel is the programme which helps your mobile applications to communicate with device hardware. Also, the kernel is fully responsible for device performance, data process and battery life of your device. All the Android smartphone are shipped with stock Kernel and you can replace it with custom kernel. Custom Kernels allow you to change the device settings through an app which responsible for device performances and battery life. So, you can enhance the device performance and extend the battery life of your device via kernel manager application after installing a custom kernel. 

Uninstall System Apps 

You can uninstall pre-installed apps and useless system apps after rooting your device. You have to use apps like Titanium backup to uninstall system apps while keeping backup of them to use when needed.

Wrapping Up

Rooting is a very interesting and attractive task which has a dark side. But we become losers in competitive Android world if we avoid the rooting due to its dark side. Use this link and learn more and more, read more and more, test more and more. Get ready well and start rooting your device with confidence.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Are You Keen On Android Root -Why Don't You Try Magisk

When googling around, it seems that most Android users are very keen on rooting and their knowledge about rooting belong to various stages. Some of them really fresher and some of them have a middle range of knowledge while a few of them have a complete knowledge but have some complications to be solved. Among the number of Android root software, Magisk has attained significant popularity than other rooting solutions. 

Why Should You Use Magisk As Your Rooting Solution

Magisk rooting solution was initially designed by topjohnwu who is a Recognized Developer/Contributor to XDA developers. As you know, there are a number of rooting tools which promise you to give root access. In simple words, root access is the permission to remove the software restrictions on the device operating system and make the alterations according to users preferences. Rooting is not a dangerous task but sometimes it makes a less secure environment for device and device becomes insecure for some apps. As a result of this, The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council demanded a mechanism to control the root access. Meanwhile, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council recommended to financial institutions to make their customers aware of adverse effects using rooted or jailbroken devices for mobile financial services. As a result of thses circumstances, Google  SafetyNet comes with Google Play services. Google SafetyNet Attestation API  helps app developers to verify if the device is rooted or not. If a device is rooted the app does not run on it. Because the device cannot pass the Attestation API check and identified as a rooted device. Most of the banking and financial apps are attested by Google  SafetyNet and cannot be used on rooted devices. That is why Magisk is essential as a rooting solution.

Android root

What Is The Speciality Of Magisk

Magisk is well-known as "A Magick Mask To Alter System Systemless-ly". Let's find out why Magisk is called in that name. Standard internal memory partition on Android phones is divided into several partitions.  /boot and /system partitions are more important among them and /boot partition contains the kernel and the ramdisk. You cannot reboot your device without this partition. When it comes to /system partition, it is the partition that contains the entire operating system. The system partition contains the Android users interface and other system apps. Most of the rooting tools modify the system partitions to get root access. Such devices cannot pass the Google SafetyNet check and fail to run some of financial and banking apps. In contrast to other rooting tools, Magisk modifies the boot partition of the device when getting the root access. So, Google SafetyNet fails to identify the modification on the boot partition. Because it only contains Kernel and RAMdisk. So, Magisk is the best option if you want to use banking and financial apps on your rooted device. But be informed that rooted devices are insecure due to less security defence and escalated privileges which may cause malware attacks, sensitive data stealing and spy on mobile banking apps or payment apps.

How To Root Your Android Smartphone Using Magisk (Via Custom Recovery)

1 Step - Magisk is only compatible with Android devices higher than Android 4.2+. Check your Android version before start the process
2 Step - Install a custom recovery on your device. The recommended recovery is TWRP
3 Step - Download the Magisk installer zip file
4 Step - Reboot the device into custom recovery
5 Step - In recovery mode, choose the "Install" button
6 Step - Find the downloaded Magisk installer zip file
7 Step - Select the zip file
8 Step - Swipe the slider to install Magisk zip file and select "Reboot" system

After installing the Magisk framework on your device, you need to download the "Magisk Manager" which is essential to manage the Magisk Framework. It allows you to install Magisk modules and customizes your device. There are a number of features on Magisk manager such as Magisk Hide. Before installing Magisk manager make sure to enable "Unknown sources" from device "Settings" since it is a third-party application.


How To Verify Magisk Root

As soon as Magisk Manager is installed, you will be able to check if you have obtained root access successfully. Just open the Magisk Manager application and check if it has green ticks for all the available options. If so, you have gained root access successfully.

Magisk In Recovery 

Some devices that have no ramdisk in boot images needs to be booted in recovery mode every time you want to use the Magisk. Because Magisk has been installed in the recovery partition due to non-presence of ramdisk in boot images. In this case, Actual recovery and Magisk recovery is determined by length of pressing Volume Up button. Once you press the specific button combination to boot your device in recovery mode, your device will be booted into Magisk and need to press the volume up button longer to boot it into actual recovery.


According to the law and policies, you are not allowed to use banking and financial apps on rooted devices and Magisk is the most suitable and successful option if you want to use both root access and mobile banking services at once. Hope you will be able to enjoy all the facilities without any harassments with Magisk.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Download Lucky Patcher - Enjoy Your Favourite Android Games To The Final For Free

lucky patcher download

Most of Android smartphone users have been addicted to Android games and they play games in crazy. Subway surfer, Pokemon Go, Runscape are some of the popular Android games. Users become disappointed when they have to buy premium features to play the game to reach the final level and give up it though they love it. Now, users can start to play the games again that they have abandoned due to the lack of premium features thanks to Lucky Patcher.

What Is Lucky Patcher

If you are not an Advanced Android user you might be a bit confused about what is being discussed here. Don't worry, just hang on you can understand what is going on here. Lucky Patcher was designed by ChelpuS who is a well-recognized app developer. He developed and launched Lucky patcher for free to hack many Android games and apps. As same as the most hacking apps, Lucky patcher functions best on rooted Android devices but compatible with Non-Rooted devices too.

Lucky Patcher Features

1. Most popular modifier app for unlimited access in games and play store
2. Unlocks the  all the game resources/characters & levels for free
3. Make in-app purchases for free
4. Allows users to get paid apps for free from the Google App store directly
5. Increases game features such as coins, gems, diamonds and points for free
6. Unlimited access in games and offers paid apps for free
7. Block ads on games/apps and offer a better user experience
8. Removes unwanted system apps
9. Allow users to modify the apps and backup them before and after modifications
10. Remove license verification from paid apps and games
11. Moves apps to SD card

luck patcher apk

How Does Lucky Patcher Work

ChelpuS has designed Lucky patcher to bypass the Google Play store security & billing section and prevent charging from the user when downloading the paid apps. Not only bypassing the  Google Play store security & billing section but also it bypasses the ad showing feature to gives Android users a better experience when using apps and games
System Requirments

1. 7.19 MB device space for app
2. Android 2.3+ Android version
3. Disable “Play Protect” on Play Store
4. 2 GB RAM  for proper functionality
5. 8 GB Internal storage

How To Install Lucky Patcher App On Your Android Smartphone

1 Step - Download and Install Lucky Patcher installer first
2 Step - Next, open the Lucky Patcher installer to prepare necessary files and components to install Lucky patcher application
3 Step - When you try to install the Luck Patcher installer, your device will show you a message asking your permission to "Enable Unknown Sources"
4 Step - Tap on the "Settings" option on the message and enable the unknown sources
5 Step - Next, click on the "Install" button to install the Lucky patcher on your device
6 Step - After installing the app, tap on it to open the app
7 Step - When you open the app it will ask you permission to uninstall the Lucky patcher installer. Tap on "OK" to uninstall the Lucky patcher installer

Note: Always visit the official Lucky Patcher website to download the app since lots of fake links are available

Colour Codes In Lucky Patcher

When you open the Lucky patcher application it shows you all the apps you have installed on your Android device along with some details. Lucky patcher tells you if an app has Google ads, License verification or in-app purchases. The app title is displayed using a specific colour and users can easily understand what are the possibilities and impossibilities. If the app title is in,

Yellow - App has a specific patch available
Blue - Indicates that the app included Google Ads
Orange - Says that app is a system app
Red - Indicates that the app cannot be modified
Purple - Says it is a system startup app
Green - App can be registered and disconnected from Google Play

lucky patcher apk

How To Use Lucky Patcher App 

1. Remove License Verification - Open Lucky Patcher >Tap the name of the application >Select “Remove License Verification>Select “Auto mode” now try the application with an internet connection. If the result is negative Select “Auto mode (Inverse)” or “Extreme Auto mode” and the app will be registered.

2. Custom Patch - Open Lucky Patcher >Tap the name of the application > select “Custom Patch”.Now, run the application when the device is connected to the internet

3. Remove Google Ads - Open Lucky Patcher >Tap the name of the application > select “Remove Google Ads” > Select “Patch to remove Google Ads”. Now, run the application and check if ads are gone

4. Create Modified APK - Open Lucky Patcher >Tap the name of the application > Select “Create Modified APK” > Select the Patch to modify the App. You can find the modified app in  /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified folder


Android users who have Luck patcher are really Lucky. Because they are fully free to have paid apps for free and play their favourite Android games with unlimited premium features. I hope you will enjoy the Luck patcher app and amaze your friends playing your games reaching to the top level for free.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

iOS 12.3 Public Beta 3 Out - How To Download iOS 12.3 Public Beta 3

As you know, iOS is the mobile operating system which is exclusively developed by Apple for their iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices.iOS was formerly called as iPhone OS and currently it is the second most popular mobile operating in the world after Android. Apple unveiled the initial iOS version in 2007 for iPhone and currently, it supports all of the smart devices comes from Apple. Generally, Apple releases a new iOS version annually and iOS 12 is the latest version of iOS.Apple released it in September 2018 and they have released several updates for it by now.iOS 12.3 is the latest update to iOS 12 and it is still in beta stage and iOS 12.3 beta 3 is the current update to iOS 12.3.

ios 12.3

iOS 12 And Updates

As mentioned above, the twelfth major release for iOS was launched by Apple in September 2018 and it was the successor to iOS 11. iOS 12 was similar to iOS 11 in appearance but advance in performance and features. Here are some amazing features of iOS 12.

1. Camera, Keyboard and app launching work faster than before
2. Facetime supports up to 32 participants
3. Ability create Memoji that represents your personality and mood
4. Come with four new animojis as koala, tiger, ghost and tyrannosaur
5. Add photos and videos directly to Messages and Facetime
6. Measurement apps to measure a real object by using the iOS camera app
7. ARKit 2 help developers to enhance AR experiences letting more people participating
8. Screen time to control the time you are spending on your iOS device
9. Full control for your notifications
10. Options to enable and disable "Do Not Disturb"  according to your preferences
11. A new way to share photos and find photos and many more

After releasing iOS major release, Apple released 12.0.1/12.1/12.1.1/12.1.2/12.1.3/12.1.4 /12.2  and iOS 12.3 Public Beta 3 was released recently with some features and improvements as the latest public beta update.

Features In iOS 12.3 Public Beta 3

1. You can only run iOS 12.3 beta 3 on  iOS 12.3 beta 2
2. No Accessibility Events switch
3. Supports the Reiwa  era of the Japanese calendar
4. Unusual behaviour when changing the system time in device with Japanese support solved

Apple Beta Software Programme

Apple Beta software programme allows Non- Apple developers to participate in testing iOS, MacOS and tvOS. As a member of the Apple beta software programme, you can have a test driving on beta version and inform Apple what you think about the pre-release version and help Apple to release an improved version of iOS, MacOS or tvOS.After registering as a member, you can download Public beta versions and experience the new feature and give your feedback through the Feedback Assistant app. To become a member you do not need to pay or follow heavy steps.

How To Register Your Apple Account to Receive iOS Public Beta Versions

Note: Make sure to back up your iOS device before install beta version in order to restore your device

1 Step - Visit using the iPhone or iPad you want to download Public Beta Version
2 Step - Tap on "Sign Up"
3 Step - Next, enter your Apple ID and Password that is associated with your device
4 Step - Tap on "Sign in"
5 Step - Finally, tap on "Accept" to give your consent to the terms and condition from Apple

How To Install iOS 12.3 beta 2 

You need to install iOS 12.3 beta 2 version before installing the iOS 12.3Public beta 3. As Apple says, they would fix this shortcoming in next beta release while letting install form any other version. Here are the steps to install iOS 12.3 beta 2  version

1 Step - Before installing the iOS 12.3 beta 2, you have to delete previous beta version if you have installed any.
2 Step - Go to Settings > General > Profile and select the iOS Beta Software Profile you have installed and press the "Delete Profile" to delete it
3 Step - Visit  using your iPhone or iPad
4 Step - Tap on the iOS tab > Download profile
5 Step - Go to the upper right corner of the screen and tap on the "Install" button
6 Step - Then, you will be asked to enter your Passcode
7 Step - Enter the Passcode and tap on "Install" and after reading the Apple's beat agreement
8 Step -  Again tap on "Install" to confirm the installation
9 Step - Finally, tap on the " Restart" to reboot your device

As soon as, your device is rebooted, it will start to download iOS 12.2 automatically.

How to install the iOS 12.3 public beta 3

1 Step - You need to visit Software update under your device setting to download  iOS 12.3 public beta 3
2 Step - Go to Settings >Genereal > Software Update
3 Step - Tap on Download and Install when update appears
4 Step - Enter your Passcode
5 Step - Tap on Agree to accept the terms and conditions and again tap on install to confirm it
6 Step - Then, your device will reboot and will download l iOS 12.3 beta 3

Final Word

You receive public betas automatically once you have enrolled in the beta programme. If you want to unenroll  Go to Settings > General > Profiles and tap the iOS Beta Software Profile. Make sure to back up your device to restore your device to the original version of iOS

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Download Peggo Tv - Download And Record Youtube Videos

Have you been thinking of a way to record your favourite youtube videos or SoundCloud tracks? If so, Peggo Tv is the best solution. Peggo is an Android-based  Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that allows you to record your favourite YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks in MP3 or MP4. It comes with several useful features and allows users to convert Youtube videos into MP3s without any difficulties. It is completely free and safe to use. You need only the URL of your desired video and Peggo download and convert it into the desired format. It is very simple and faster in performance.

peggo tv

Why Do You Need Peggo

As you know, Youtube is the most popular and highly demanded video streaming service on the internet. But you are not allowed to save Youtube videos and watch or listen to them offline. As well, you cannot download youtube videos as a MP3 format since it only offers MP4 format. That is why you need Peggo Tv. Because it provides effective answers to all your problems.

Peggo Tv Features

1. Available for free
2. Lightweight and comes without ads
3. Convert Youtube videos into MP3 format with desired quality
4. Offers various ranging quality from  144p to 1080p
5. Saves Youtube Videos in HD format
6. Allows users to download or record audio of a specific part of a video

What Are The Specilaites Of Peggo Tv

Users can use the "video preview option" to check the video before taking any action. Also, it offers an option as  "YouTube option" to stream the video directly. Also, Peggo Tv offers the recording facility for both Audio and Videos. You can either record one of them or you can record both at once. When you save the downloads form Peggo Tv you can change the name and the title of the album. It offers flexible time frame with simple navigations to choose a time frame for a video or an audio file. As well as, Peggo offers some useful features such as metadata discovering option, integrated search, title tags, remove silence and normalize and more under professional feature. Each option is described when the user moves the cursor on to the question mark in the app.

latest peggo apk

How To Use Peggo Tv 

You can download Peggo TV on your Android smartphone or you can use the Peggo TV on the computer.

1 Step - Go to the Peggo page your computer and type the query or URL you want to download or record. It is better if you could cut and paste the URL of your desired videos since query may show you multiple results that you may not understand the what is the desired one

2 Step - You may get multiple search result related to your query

3 Step - Choose the preferred video based on the query

4 Step - Peggo does not work as soon as the video is selected. Instead, you will be navigated to the Digital Video Recorder page

5 Step - There, you can select the desired option and proceed. In this step, you can change audio tags such as name, genre and year, etc.

Edit Audio Tags Using Peggo Tv

Once you have selected the video using Peggo, you can cut/ trim the audio as you need by clicking on "Edit MP3" option. As soon as you have clicked on "Edit MP3 option Peggo navigates you to a custom Edit page and you can edit all the relevant tags there. Also, it gives you the chance to check the video preview of your video before saving it.

download peggo tv

How To Download Peggo TV on your Android smartphone

1 Step - Download Peggo APK on your Android smartphone
2 Step - Open "Settings" from your Home screen or the App launcher
3 Step - Move down and tap on "Security"
4 Step - Now, Enable "Unknown Sources" option
5 Step - Tap "Ok" in the Warning message to give your consent to enable unknown sources
6 Step - Open the download Peggo APK from Homescreen or app launcher
7 Step - Tap on the Peggo.apk and install it on your device

Advanced Features In Peggo Tv In Detail

Silence Removal - As you know,  when a recorded video begins you have to experience an abnormal silence and it destroys the quality of the video. Peggo removes this unpleasant silence automatically which comes at the beginning and end  of the video

Volume normalization - Even in a recorded audio, volume remains as in a original video

Metadata Discovery - Peggo automatically discovers the metadata of the MP3 and fill in if available

ID3 Tags - Specify the artist and title by removing unwanted terms that do not match to the content

Final Word

Peggo is an awesome Youtube content downloader and recorder which offers advanced technical features to have high-quality downloads and recording. But Peggo Tv has warned its customers about shutting down of the servers because of some problems. Therefore, check out if you are facing problem in downloading or installing Peggy Tv.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Flash your Smartphone with Samsung Odin 3.13.1

Hello everyone! We are back with another post regarding a renowned Android application and that call Samsung Odin 3.13.1. It is really amazing when you are with a Samsung Android handset for you can find out respective ROM files and flash them perfectly. As often, it compatible with tar firmware files it does not matter a stock or a custom ROM/kernel. Though Sammobile will support you to find out respective firmware kits, it is only for stock releases and not for custom ones that should find out through third-party resources. 

About the latest Samsung Odin 3.13.1

At this moment, we can find out Odin 3.13.1 as the hottest version of the utility and that even brought us a couple of outstanding features. Mac OS X support is one of those that previously remained as a Windows only utility. Moreover, S7 and S7 Edge were the device range that make known as perfect with Odin. And the other point is its Android Oreo support. Therefore, ROM packages that available in status of Oreo are applicable using the tool’s version 3.13.1.

Samsung Odin 3.13.1 for Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the latest deal of Samsung Inc for users to enjoy everything in an amazing level. So there is no doubt that it contains standard security surrounding wonderful features. Therefore, it would demand if we get to know that Odin capable to support us in flashing S10 models as well. But there are a couple of points to consider. 

The first thing is if there is a latest version of Odin after 3.13.1 for 3.13.1 cannot support S10 according to recent reports. And the other thing is there should be applicable ROM files with Sammobile webpage for the latest S10 models. But at this instant, the resource is empty and there is no any compatible ROM file at this instant. 

Flash Galaxy S8

Just navigate to Sammobile webpage and check out if there are proper firmware kits comes as tar for you to flash your device. It seems you have a couple of one to be selected. This means you are warmly welcome to flash through Odin. Bring 3.13.1 on your desktop and flash right away. We are waiting for the day to note that we are able to flash S10 models as well and that we yet to reach.  

Final words

Since there are a couple things that should renew with an update, there should be a new edition of the Odin. But at this instant, we could not find out a proper clue that there is an approaching update. However, the latest version that you can use is 3.13.1. As clarified above, the utility capable to launch on Mac OS X as well. Moreover, bring those Oreo based ROM files here to flash through. And if you are a user of S7 model, this is the perfect edition to try out. 

By the way, we hope there will be a rapid update of the utility with those points that still we cannot reach through the current edition. Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Samsung smart switch for any Android Smart phone

To share varies files between devices have a heap of third-party applications in the market. But find out a proper and a good dealer it is not that easy because of varies reasons. However, Samsung smart switch apk is the most convenience method to share a variety of files on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. As it capable to transfer or receive files to Android, iOS, Blackberry, Mac or Windows with the connection of a Galaxy, you can easily connect with to make the transaction interesting to connect even with some other platforms or devices as well. If you need to try out the utility, here is a brief direction. 

Samsung smart switch apk for your device 

The tiny app available in the Google play store or else reliable third-party resources as freeware that you are capable to set up on your device if it is above Android 4.3. While the developer recommended wireless users to be above Android 4.0, it is better to make sure if you are with minimum requirements. It does not matter that you are not a Samsung owner for a while to deal with smart switch. The best thing is the app compatible even with your latest Galaxy S9 and Note 9 as well. 

What’s more?

When you are up to do whatever transaction, you can choose Wi-Fi connection, USB cable network or connect to a computer. It does not matter what stuff that you plan to share through. Your contacts, calendar events, notes, videos, audio tracks, photos, call logs, documents, wallpapers and so on are warmly welcome for the transaction. The developer recommended the latest version for the user to keep updating to make their movements and transactions sharp and clear.  When you are with an iPhone, it does not matter that it cannot settle the app for you can establish it to the connected Android and carry out the task. 

Samsung smart switch apk requirements

  • Here is the list of a couple of requirements of the utility that you should be prepared before the procedure.
  • Both devices that connect each other to share data should have minimum 500 MB of space with the internal memory
  • MTP or Transferring media files option of the device is must when you are there behind a wired connection
  • You have to turn down both Disconnect low Wi-Fi signal and Wi-Fi initialize options from advanced Wi-Fi panel of the device when your device which is not a Samsung constantly disconnects

Final words

It is glad let you know that Samsung smart switch capable to work on your device even it running Android P. Moreover the latest version confirmed that it has been repaired iCloud 2FA trouble too when it enhanced to Android P version. 

By the way, you can simply set up the app to whatever device you wish to have it and enjoy easy sharing between varies devices through Wi-Fi, USB cable connectivity or else with a Mac or a PC. All you have to do is set up the app to the device and click receive or send button.